Instagram for PC – an amazing app now available on PC

Instagram is one of the fabulous apps which are used for sharing pictures and content to reach your customers in a different way. Initially this app was only available on your Smartphone but now you can also enjoy this app on the PC as well. This has definitely increased the popularity of the app with more people downloading it so that it can run on their computers as well. The process to install the app on your PC is very easy but you just have to follow the right steps and you will be able to enjoy the same features on your PC now.

How to use Instagram on your PC?

If you want to use this app on your PC, you will first have to install it on your Android devices. You can download this app from Google Play and install it in your Smartphone’s. Now create an account and access the features on your devices. Now the account is created and you can enjoy sharing your photos in an easy way. Once the app is installed, turn towards your computers switch it on and download an app called Pokki on it. Run this app and now you are ready to use the Instagram for PC without any problem. Pokki is a platform that bridges the gap between the PC and Smartphone’s. Apart from Pokki, there are many more platforms that can be used to bridge the gap and allow you to use Instagram on your PC. Now you can remotely access the application on your PC and enter the log-in details. Now you are free to use the app, share the pictures or anything else that you want to. This unique application is very useful for the business owners as they can like any new photo and even comment on it. You can also connect your Instagram account with either Twitter or Facebook and share the pictures from it.

How Instagram is different from other apps?

Though there are lots of apps that are similar to Instagram but this one is unique as well as fabulous. It has a few excellent features which make it different from the rest of the apps. Apart from the outstanding features, there are many benefits that the users can enjoy through Instagram for PC. You can easily view the photos on your PC which provides a larger view as compared to your Smartphone’s. You can now share your photos and videos through your PC only and access its other features as well. So if you are looking forward to a great app, Instagram for PC can definitely make a difference to your experience.

So this is all about how you can use the Instagram for PC. This app is gaining a lot of popularity and that is why it has become the first preference of the business owners. Go through the above steps and I’m sure you will be able to enjoy this new app on your PC as well. Hope it proves useful in business promotion and targeting your customers.

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